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Robert's Training Journal - A Tale of Yeah's and Buddy's

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GO on and get its, it takes a lot longer as vegan to put on weight( though i have never been six pack ripped)

I wast at 178 in sept. and am at 190 now. I also have a vegan cookie problem.......


I'm trying to safely/slowly pump up to 200-210, and start cutting once i get there.


Do we need to keep calorie logs or something too?

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Hey Jason,


Yeah, you can have a nutrition journal as well...some people put them in the same journal, others separate, or others just do a training journal and don't keep a nutrition journal....


I'm super tired, was up 26 consecutive hours, slept a bit and now 2AM and I just worked out...better sleep, up early in the morning......


Trained total body today with Ed in Portland....just in town for the weekend, then off to Boston for 9 days.





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Thanks guys.


I trained in Rhode Island the past two days. Really solid workouts, including one with a forum member named Aimee, I think SportyVeganChick is her forum name...she's been on here for 4 years or more. So that was cool to finally meet in person and throw some weights around.


Quick trip to NYC today for a animal sanctuary benefit comedy show.


Should be a good time.



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In Boston now and I think I'll head to Rhode Island again Sunday or Monday and then I'm giving a talk at Providence College on Tuesday night.


Should be great! I love Rhode Island! New England has been great the past week and I still have a few days left. I'll get more gym sessions in and hope to catch up on sleep a bit tonight. Been up til 3AM or later pretty much every night doing a final push for my book pre-orders to help pay for the printing of my book - www.veganbodybuildingbook.com

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Trained back, shoulders and arms today.


Check it out!


I just got word from Vegan Essentials that my book is the fastest selling book they've seen since Veganomicon came out!




That's what I'm talking bout!


85% of orders through my website have been shipped. It is so hard to keep up with all of them, and so sorry for the delays. I work up to 18 hours a day trying to get them all signed, packaged and shipped out.


Rewarding project for sure, but very challenging too.


This week I'll get up to 95% of orders shipped and will fully catch up within a week for sure.


Thanks again everyone.


Also, check out some of the new products, videos, etc. on www.veganbodybuilding.com


More articles coming soon too.

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83 pages long....I think it is time for a new blog....


I'm still up to my ears in books that need to be shipped and doing that full-time while doing all kinds of other things for work for multiple companies...but I made it to the gym the past 5 days in a row. I know that should be standard, but life certainly hasn't been standard lately so I'm pretty pleased with my efforts.


I'll get a new journal started soon.


Life in Santa Monica.....I LOVE IT!

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Trained this morning and training tomorrow...out in Louisiana and then back to CA to give a talk at UCLA on Thursday.


Worked 18 hours a day all week long.....one of my busiest weeks ever...but going well.



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