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can i come in...


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hello...I am Jen..i met robert on another forum and he invited me along...i was a little hesitant as i am not a body builder,just a wannabe who is veeeery intereseted and likes building muscle up...i love showin off my strength and telling people its vegan strength!Lol.

I have been vegetarian since i was 11 and vegan for couple of years.i would love to lose the body fat and become a fitness or muscle model someday but at the moment its a bit of a pipe dream!at the moment i am concentrating on losing fat and gettin fitter...im likin the changes so far..but i work 6 days a week a lot as i am returnin to university in september.

nice to meet you all, hopefully you ll all inspire me to get good at it!!!!:):):)

xxx jennifer xxx

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Welcome Sugarmouse!!!!!


don't worry about the bodybuilding thing. There are many people here who are looking for fitness and nutrition tips.

I'm sure you'll find this group to be very supportive and helpful!

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Great to see you here. I love to see the community expand. This has become like second home for me. I've lived with 3 of the forum members (Veggymeggy, Hero, xNickx) and I've met up with others in person and made some good friends along the way.


I hope you enjoy your time here and learn lots of inspiring information.


All the best,



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Hi sugarmouse, me new to this place and was just wandering around the introductions and thought would say hi, I live in the uk and I have the same goal as u really, to lose fat and get fitter, I am also toning my body up, and one day would like to be a fitness or muscle model. So maybe we could share tips!

I have been a vegetarian all my life, as was brought up as one and finally took the plunge 6days ago and became a vegan as my dad has been one for 26years, veggie 10years prior. Hope u r well!

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