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run part of a marathon in a vegan team


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on the 5th of november there will be a ekiden event in Amstelveen

(the Netherlands). It could be nice to show up with a vegan team!!! Amstelveen is a city that is conected to amsterdam.


# complete ekiden: 5km -10km - 5km - 10km - 5km - 7.2km

# Half ekiden: 5km - 5km - 5km - 6,1km


if there is much interest more teams can participate!! The teams can be mixed (female/ male).. depending on how many people would like to come we can talk about the teams..


who's interested?


Amsterdam is easy to reach from uk/belgium/germany and other country's

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I am totally interested in doing this!

I have been wanting to visit Amsterdam forever now...and this seems like a prime opportunity.


I am at almost half a marathon in running currently, and could definitely do more, since my strength and endurance is improving all of the time...

I would like to eventually run a marathon..or more!




Anyhow... I'll just need to save some money for this... but sounds amazing!

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I would if there were a 100m leg. Shot putters can't go much further than that...but if you ever wanna do the marathon leg of a vegan iroman relay I'd be game. I'm planning on doing one with my hs coach(not vegan) he'd run, I'd bike, and I've got a friend that used to kick Michael Phelps' butt up until they were 14-15 in just about everything(seen the video)...he's a vegetarian and would probably do the best running leg but he'd by far be the best swimmer out of us. Anyway it would be awesome to eventually get a vegan ironman relay together...plus in doing that you'd have a little energy to enjoy your achievement unlike doing the whole thing on your own.

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