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Tend a milk co operative in face of fatal Volcanic activity


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Tend a milk co operative in face of fatal Volcanic activity




These villagers in Indonesia keep returning to their village to tend to their livestock because their only source of income is their milk co operative that they work on together, despite fatal threats from the Volcano.


A lot of people have died in the past from the same volcano and they still go back. Why?



Cooperatives are set up in asian countries to help under the poverty line people in rural areas bring together their resources and work.


In 3rd world countries that are largely rural with minimal base infrastructure and resources being rare (electricity, tap water, drainage systems, roads etc) how would it be possible for people in villages to give up their primary source of living. DAIRY. ?


I am not supporting or opposing. I am just bringing up the question because when I was looking through REUTERS news it came in my head.




Assuming similar equations had to be applied to american dairy farm "workers" (not the owners of super huge businesses), can we provide them with a migration plan? Something that will provide income and livelihood? i.e. Assuming they were WILLING to try something in the first place.


I am just curious what thoughts people have ?

What ideas we have to make the following happen:


- Convince a person born into dairy farm 'family / neighborhood' on moving away from it in the first place


- Provide them with an alternative that not only convices and coaxes them but also entices them AWAY. Not just more humane but also more profitable?? ?????

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