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Spring and Summer!! YAY!!

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I LOVE this time of year!!!!!


It is SOOOO easy to follow a raw lifestyle in the summer time. I was at the grocery store yesterday, and they were selling 2 lbs of strawberries for $3 (which is cheap here)


Everything is SO much more affordable in the summer time...... mmmmm...

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I'm pretty excited myself! This weather is great! I've busy getting my garden growing. This is my first time planting a garden but I didn't see any other way with tomatoes being $4.99/pound for organic and eating the way I do.


Here's what I have growing in about a 60'x20' area.


9-tomato plants

6-bell pepper 2yellow/2orange/1red/1green

3- other peppers jalapeno/habanero/anaheim

28-cucumber plants


4-honeydew melon

12-strawberry plants

1 packet of carrot

1 packet of cilantro





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I love gardens! In fact! when I grow up (I turned 30 today) I wanna be a farmer! (organic of course!)


Has anyone read a book called "Square Foot Gardening"?? If you love gardening, I strongly recommend this one. It's written by an ex engineer. And he talks about the cons of traditional row planting.

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I love it too! Esp. mid summer. That's when the produce is ready. Tomatoes in every color, fruits, berries, melons, cucumbers, peppers etc. It's going to be easy to eat much more raw when summer gets here. June/July etc.

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