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HAPPY B-DAY BEAMISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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oops, I mean Raw Ambition (too many nicknames to get used to).


He is now officially OLD!!!!!!!!!


30 years old that is. Man where the hell has the time gone??? It seems almost like last week we were in highschool beating the tar out of each other in the cafeteria......(WWE style-that is).


Well, as preachy as you used to be, you've certainly come along way bro!


People would leave the room when this guy started talking about fuit and nuts and berries. Ah well, his heart was in the right place. He doesn't preach anymore, but sweet jesus as I look around this site and I see he is back to his old ways.


At least you found an outlet my friend! And this place seems pretty cool (as long as they can put up with your fricken fruit stories and "cows have four stomaches" analogies).


Looking forward to golfing this weekend muh-bruthuh from anuthuh muthuh.



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Awwwww thanks everyone!!


And you know me, I gotta save the world, one crazy thoery after another. I never said I changed my way of thinking, I just decided to keep my mouth shut... except where it can be debated and discussed! like on here, where people come to discuss and debate

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