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Dry Cheeze Sauce Mix


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I finally tried this dry cheeze sauce mix from VegWeb:





This stuff is great!! The dry mix is easy to make & when you want cheeze sauce you simply scoop dry mix into water or soy milk & heat. For really thick sauce use a 1-to-1 ratio. Add more liquid for a more saucy mix. You can add any seasonings or extras, like a dallop of mustard at cooking time. My husband loves this on baked spuds & I like it over pasta with chopped veggies on top. Next weekend I'm going to make nachos using this.


FYI, do not bring to a boil. Boiling breaks down the elasticity of the arrowroot. Also, many HFS have arrowroot in their bulk section much cheaper than the little spice bottle at the regular grocers.


It's kind of expensive with the 3 cups of cashews but I got about 10 cups of cheeze sauce over time. I'm making my second batch of dry mix today.



I have tried the Road's End cheeze sauce mix & imo, this is better.

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Vegdad, I'm glad you liked this. I think this stuff is fantastic! If you search VegWeb for "Dragonfly" she has posted other great recipes.


I wanted to update how I make this. I use my $20 Krups spice grinder to grind the cashews. It makes a perfect powder! It takes a bit more time cuz the grinder doesn't hold very much, but when I used my food processor the cashews were grainy & when I used my Vitamix it went from grainy to butter in about 2 whirrs.


I dump the cashew powder into a bowl, add the nutritional yeast & onion & garlic granules & mix well with a pastry blender. Sometimes, for a richer taste I use 1/2 cup less of the nutritional yeast.


I've made great nachos with this. I also made a good "enchilada" dish. First, I added a small can of green chiles to the cheese sauce. I spread a corn tortilla (the soft kind) with a spicy TVP mixture, then smothered with the cheese sauce & bake. Top with lettuce & tomato & Yum! I also added some vegan parmesan cheese to make a respectable Alfredo sauce.


I get about 12 cups of cheese sauce out of the mix. This stuff is very versatile & delicious!

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