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How do you store various veggies?


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How/where do your store


1) your garlic


2) potatoes


3) green leafies


4) tomatoes


5) kiwis


6) mushrooms


7) avocados




9) bananas


For example, do you store them at room temp in a basket? In the crisper part of the fridge? On the top shelf of the fridge? IN a cupboard away from light perhaps? Also, if in the fridge, do you take it out of the cler plastic bag that you put it in at the grcoery store?


I dont think I am storing my stuff right. For example, I store potatoes at room temperature but then this weird stuff sprouts from the skins. I also store my garlic at room temperature just on the counter but it seems to go bad fast?


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garlic - in a basket....seems to stay g00d for awhile, i think couple weeks at least, or a month??? cant remember


potatoes - have them in the dark under the kitchen sink, they last forever there


greens - counter for a day or 2 then in the fridge bottom shelf lasts a couple weeks i think


tomatoes - counter ..... place them almost everwhere, baskets, dishes holder, on towels, anywhere


kiwis - in a basket


bananas - i buy just enough to last a week only because they go ripe farely quickly

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Oh, this should be interesting. I always learn how to do something better from one of thee threads. Thanks Compash!


1) your garlic -with other spices in a dark cubbard


2) potatoes -fridge, I tried dark and cool, but here on the Eastern Shore the humidity is very high year round and they wouldn't last 2 weeks before rott set in.


3) green leafies -crisper


4) tomatoes -I got this from a Raw Food Guru "Now everyone repeat after me, I will never, ever, ever, put a tomato in the refirgerator!" Apparently it alters them and also the taste. I defin notice a change in taste if the were in a fridge. So on the counter on top of the fruit bowl. They generally need to complete ripening anyway.


5) kiwis -fruit bowl on counter


6) mushrooms -fridge


7) avocados -fruit bowl on counter


mangoes -fruit bowl on counter


9) bananas -always have these in various stages. Fruit bowl on counter, but I have been meaning to get a banana "hook". If they over ripen they can be popped in the freezer skin and all. Slightly dethaw and put into a smoothy or any other recipe which requires bananas.


Needless to say I have a lot of fruit bowls (but not near as much as the raw foodies). Generally 3 large bowls which are filled on Tuesday which go down to only a few pieces left Monday eve.


I generally shop at the health food store so I load everything in a string bag and don't use the plastic bags. When I did I took off the plastic bag when I got home.


Here is some inspiration for you (not my kitchen I am afraid):







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A young comedian once asked why we call that bottom drawer in your fridge a crisper. "Any time I put something in there it rots. They should call it a rotter."


1) your garlic - in a dark cupboard

2) potatoes - If I'm going to use them within a day or so I leave them out. Otherwise in the bottom drawer of the fridge.

3) green leafies - First I wash them, then spin them dry, then pat them dry & store in a plastic container in the fridge. I'm very particular about my greens!

4) tomatoes - on the counter unless they are getting soft - then the fridge. Generally I dice them when they are ripe & store the dice in the fridge.

5) kiwis - retch

6) mushrooms - I toss them onto a dry dish towel, wrap them up, put the towel in a plastic bag & put the bag in the fridge. Keep the plastic bag loosely open -- don't twist or tie it shut. They don't get slimy this way.

7) avocados -- on the counter to ripen. In the fridge once sliced.

mangoes - never had one - can you believe it?

9) bananas - on the counter unless they are getting too ripe, then in the fridge


I think you have to consider your local temperature & humidity when storing things in the open. I live in a semi-arrid area & only have to worry about things in the summer when it gets very hot.


BTW, you can scrub those spout things off your spuds. I think garlic likes to be in the dark. I've had yellow onions & garlic sprout. Plants are so cool.


Good thread!

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Here is some inspiration for you (not my kitchen I am afraid):


What a cool idea of storing fruit... I will make something like that for myself.

If anyone knows how to make one of those things or knows where to buy one - please let me know !

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