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Need quick, easy, mess-free meal ideas for work

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I need some quick, easy, and non-messy meal ideas. I'll be working 3 jobs this summer and I need to be able to eat items that are healthy but easy. I'm used to eating things that require a fork and knife, so I need ideas that are gluten-free and vegan, but that don't consist of sandwiches (unless using gf bread, but I don't really like eating it).


Here's some ideas that I've thought of so far... please feel free to add to the list!


-"egg" salad (tofu)

-TLT (tofu, lettuce, tomato... minus tomatoes, cuz I dont like 'em!)

-Clif Bars (not a meal, though)

-Rice Tortilla wraps with tofu, lettuce and "cheese"

-Vegan Pizza (homemade)

-salad (but not easy to eat.... requires silverware)

-Apple/banana + nutbutter (not easy to eat, though)

-Bean pasta (again, not easy to eat)

-Smoothies and protein shakes (Does anyone have any favorite recipes/concoctions??? Favorite Powders????)


Thanks! I've finally been able to put on some wt after losing a bunch due to gluten intolerance and other food allergies. They are finally subsiding a bit and I can tolerate a bit of gluten, but not much. Thanks guys!

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you could also just pack plastic forks and knives and then throw em out when you are done (I know that isnt environmentally friendly, but hey, your vegan - you do your part for the environment and thensome!).


That is what I used to do when I didnt want to bring actual/regular silverware. Just pack the plastic kind.


I am sure you already thought of that though so I am afraid I havent been much help here.


I agree with the vega bar suggestion and also how about some trial mix, like some dried fruits and nuts?


Good luck, and be sure to get plenty of rest. Workin three jobs aint easy and will surely run you down.

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Hi, shelby, how is your weight/muscle gain coming along?


Well, I'm the mad GREEN SMOOTHIE preacher, so I must recommend them .You don't have to be a raw foodist to consume these. As a matter of fact, I think everyone should, since they are sooo beneficial.


Anyway,you can make these in the morning (or, if you have to, prepare the greens and fruit the night before and blend them in the morning for the freshness; or, if you have to, make the night before). Use ice instead of plain water to keep them cold, if necessary.

Use a straw; for some reason, this makes drinking them quicker and, more importantly, no green mustache


Also, a bowl of cut up mixed FRESH summer fruit! Sprinkle some coconut!! and chopped nuts on it. Or go all out and make ambrosia

Cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, mango, pineapple, nectarines, peaches, plums, apricots...oh, Good Lord, I'm getting hungry Lots of exotic stuff so you don't get bored.


Easy carry-along fruit like apples; bananas; oranges and other citrus; kiwi


Mixed nuts and dried fruit medleys - quick eats, satisfying for hours and filling.


Mixed raw (or cooked ) vegetables - you can cover with a sauce.


Make pesto - put in the freezer in icecube trays and use as necessary; toss into various veggie concoctions, spread onto sandwiches


Make a large pot of grains or rice or combo - make nori rolls, use as a base, to mix into vegetables, or as cold salad


Make a large pot of Beans, place in fridge for the week; excess portioned into the freezer - make bean salads! - very sturdy; can vary the taste easily with different dressings, sauces, pesto!


Slaws are good - shredded cabbage, carrots, turnips,with a sauce...add some raisins, etc.


More info on Green Smoothies, HERE

Btw, if made correctly, these should be sweet and yummy and not taste like "greens."

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Wow, thanks for all the great ideas guys!


I'd love to try the vega bars, but they dont sell them anywhere near me. I don't have the money to order them online, either. (Minimum wage jobs suck, lol).


I have a dumb question for the green smoothie: Do i juice the fruits/veggies or just throw them into a blender? It seems like they wouldn't mix/chop well. It does sound delish though!


What's ambrosia?


thanks guys!


BTW: my mass gaining is going well.. kinda hit a bit of a plateau now, though. I've put on about 10 pounds in the last 2 months... and I've finally got a butt, lol. Score! ) My strength is increasing a lot as well, which I'm psyched about too!

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Hey Shelby...go get some Lara bars if you can't get vega...they are quite a bit cheaper, but I hear not as good(never tried vega). None the less I love them...you can also make your own bars or granola trial mix on the cheap...or just toast some oatmeal and add dried fruits and nuts to it(most people with gluten alergies can handle oats fine but test yourself first). You can make cookies...even raw ones. I make a pseudo raw cookie with oatmeal and brown rice syrup. I just pour a bunch of brown rice syrup onto a baking sheet and mix the oats in. Then I kinda push raisins and raw almond chunks into it. Its tiring but if you can mix enough oats in...the cookies won't be so sticky...or you can call it a chew...sometimes I toast the oats first and add peanut butter to it but I don't like to talk about peanut butter when I'm on a diet. Its far to painful

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Bean salad: throw together a bunch of canned (rinsed and drained) beans of your choice, with a splash of dressing and put on a bed of lettuce. You can add pimentos, olives, avocado, artichoke hearts, whatever you like.


Any kind of "sandwich' filling wrapped in a leaf of romaine lettuce (like hummus, or mooshed avocado and some sprouts and chopped tomatos). You could even use a lettuce leaf (or any big green leaf, like collards or kale) as a wrap for different salads to eat them that way. Like tabouleh.


You can also use other things to stuff and wrap: stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cabbage leaves, stuffed corn tortillas.


Homemade trail mix with raw nuts (and seeds preferably soaked for several hours then dried) and dried fruit.


Tempeh "mock chicken" salad (would be good wrapped in a romain leaf).



Why do you need things that don't use silverware? Being able to use a fork would be so much easier!

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