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Flax, Hemp or Olive Oil on your salads?

Which of the following three oils you do you like the taste of best on your salad?  

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I just tasted hemp oil for the first time if you could believe it, and I WAY prefer it to flax oil. Hemp oil has a slightly lemon taste to it, which I much prefer to Flax seed oil's nutty kind of taste.


Is it just me or do you also get that slightly lemony taste from hemp oil?


How about you? What do you like and why?

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Of the three, I'd choose olive oil because of flavor (flax oil? blech!) and because it is the least apt to go rancid fast. BUT I usually prefer naked salads, with just veggies, a source of fat (to help with absoption of antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients), like avocado or sunflower seeds or olives.


Just a dash of extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil and a sprinkle of lemon or vinegar is okay, but I don't really like using oils that much, as they are processed and 'un-whole' foods.


I've never tried hemp oil, prefering the whole seeds or the ground protein powder. Some hemp protein powder tastes pretty nasty, while other tastes good, so I'm assuming it would be the same with the oil. What brand did you try? Nutiva is the best tasting I've tried yet in seeds or protein powder.

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I put it on my salads, in my protein shakes, on grilled veggies, just about everything because of the omega 3 profile it has.

If you're looking to increase omega 3's in your diet, flax is better. Hemp actually has more omega 6's than omega 3's. It's got pretty much the best ratio of 6's to 3's of any food, which is great if you don't eat close to a SAD, BUT if you use other types of oils that are high in omega 6's, it's best to have both hemp and flax to balance out the omega 6 excess.

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