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My 15th magazine feature


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Hey, I just got a bunch of copeis of Hippocrates magazines mailed to my house. The magazine is in something like 120 countries and about 100,000 in print. Its a heath and wellness magazine. It's my 15th magazine appearance I think, and my first time in this specific magazine.


I'm on the inside cover and feature story on page 24, 25, and continued on page 60. It is again about the vegan bodybuilding and vegan fitness lifestyle. They used 5 photos too, so that was pretty cool.


Anyway, just thought I'd let ya'll know incase you see it somewhere, check it out. The article is called: Real Strength - Muscles by Veggies (their title).


If you can't find a copy and really want one you can write to:


Hippocrates Health Institute

1443 Palmdale Court

West Palm Beach, FL 33411


or call

561-471-8876 to ask how to get a copy.


Here is their site:



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It's a pretty cool magazine, all kinds of great articles and features.


It's my 4th inside cover, just still waiting to make it to the big time and get on the actual cover. But I think that will happen later this year or early next year. I'm doing magazine interviews nearly every week lately so nearly every month I'm getting features in all kinds of magazines.


They are mostly about my lifestyle but I've also talked about Alex (Daywalker) Topher (Hero), Robbie Hazeley (ROBBIE) in the articles. I quoted Tonya Kay in the current magazine that features me.


Of course, I talk about our community as well so I try to include all of us.


Thanks for the support.

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