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WOW! Chocolate Cream Pie **RAW** - PICS INSIDE

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This is so good and very easy to make. I don't even want to know how many calories are in it!





2 cups whole walnuts

2 cups whole dates


Pie Filling:

2 avocados

1 cup raw chocolate powder or carob powder

½ cup agave syrup (We added more than the original recipe calls for, probably about 1 ½ cups)

½ teaspoon cinnamon

pinch of sea salt



To make the crust, grind up walnuts in the food processor. Then add the dates. (Don’t forget to take the seeds out) Pat the mixture into the pie pan.


For the pie filling, blend all ingredients in the food processor. We started with the avocado first and then added each ingredient as we blended. (You can also use a blender. You may need to add a little water to get the blender going) Add the mixture into the crust and put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.


*We added about 5 spoonfuls of cocoa powder to ours because the raw chocolate was a little bitter. So, ours was probably 99% raw.



I was skeptical at first about the avocado, but you cannot taste it at all. I fed it to my parents who are not vegan and they loved it. I didn't tell them the ingredients until after they ate it. The avocado just provides the "cream" consistency but does not add any flavor.


Caffeine Warning: I think the caffeine in the chocolate really affected me. I was up until 3 am!









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I was thinking I've seen a chocolate pudding recipe using avocado, but I couldn't find it (admittedly, I didn't look that hard). I'm going to try this filling as a pudding. With a sprinkle of raw coconut flakes on top...yum!

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so far i cant find any raw chocolate.

By the jjaj, it is really helpful to me when you post pics of all the ingredients and labels and stuff, as well as a few steps in the cooking process.


That is what Tiff used to do and it is really helpful to the kitchen challenged like me.

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so far i cant find any raw chocolate.

You can get it at www.rawfood.com , probably at www.eatraw.com (which has better shipping costs).


You could also use raw carob powder (which is naturally sweeter than chocolate).


When I whip up my batch, I think I'll mix some ground raw cocoa nibs with mostly carob powder...to the the sweetness of the carob, but the 'authentic chocolate' flavor of the cocoa.

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Great pics! Sounds interesting! What did your folks say when you told them the ingredients?


They were shocked but they didn't care at all because the pie is so damn good!



A question on the recipe: did you soak the dates first?


Nope, just added them to the walnuts in the food processor as is, minus the pits of course.

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Half? I'm thinking you would eat more than that.


My dad has always said to me that even if you are on a budget or low in funds, never chince (sp?) out on food ~ but then, if you are smooth enough to get your roomie to make it for you, all the better. Maybe I should get a roomie...

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Everyone should have a vegan roomate...non-vegans especially...as for the amount I'd eat I'd easily eat the whole thing...I'd just be worried she'd never make it again if I did so I can't eat all her food until my lease is about up so I won't have to worry about that anymore

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Dammit, I found this AFTER the pie contest I entered! however, the winning pie in that contest made yours look diet-friendly let me tell you. I "fitday"ed the recipe and it was like 7000 cals (5 whole coconuts for starters )

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Thats my kind of pie...Personally I wouldn't mind a crust made of peanut butter oatmeal then fill the whole pie with peanut butter...then top it with peanuts

I thought you would be more of a vega bar crust with vega powder mixed thick for the filling.

Topped with vega bar crumbles.

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Maybe I should get a roomie...


Everyone should get a roomie like Jeremy's roomie. She's one cool cat.


As for the pie - wow! I agree with compassionategirl, the pictures are great. Hmmmm. That makes me think back to one of your old posts about the chocolate chip cookies...


Keep the raw with pictures recipes coming! That might motivate me to really "experiment" with healthier gourmet cooking - something I intend to start soon.



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