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tattoos on fruit


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I like this part:


But can laser coding and beautiful fruit bowls coexist?


"Anything that permanently changes the fruit is going to be a hard sell," Mr. Harris said, "especially to buyers of organic produce."


Students of still-life painting might agree. "For literally hundreds of years, artists have immersed themselves in the color and curvature of the perfect peach or apple," said Joseph Rishel, a curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art who specializes in Cézanne. "So a tattoo sounds like a desecration."


"But then again," Mr. Rishel said, "there are those who say that Cézanne himself used artificial fruit."

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I want tofu blocks tattooed all over my legs from top to bottom...much cooler than fruits. Got two vegan tats already...why not have a bunch of tofu blocks to go along with them

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