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Hello From New Hampshire and Connecticut!


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I've been a Vegetarian for over 20 years; I've wanted to go Vegan for some time now. Seeing Robert's MySpace page and now reading over all the great information found on this site...has been enough to inspire and motivate me to make some important changes. I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone! This is a fantastic site thanks again for the invite!

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Welcome Emma27!


Thanks for joining our group! Awesome to have you here. One of my best friends lived out in New Hampshire for a long time. I went over there to visit back in 2001. I really like that part of the country.


I'm sure you will enjoy the site and we are glad to have you here. You will meet a lot of cool people.


All the best and welcome aboard!


(Daywalker.....my myspace page is the site where about 20% of the forum members learn about this website and forum www.myspace.com/veganbodybuilding)

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