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Update on New York Foi Gras company


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Here is a link, apparently the US Humane Society is suing Hudson Valley Foi Gras for 25,000,000US-




You can thank them the Humane Society here, or donate-




And the "what you can do" poage from Farm Sancuary's anti- Foi Gras campaign





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Wouldn't it be lovely if they lost the same amount of money that was donated to them...


It would be lovely if they lost every dime they'd ever made off torture, and were thrown in prison.


You can donate to the litigation effort by sending a check here, with a note that it be applied to the suit against Hudson Valley Foi Gras-


Jonathan R. Lovvorn

Vice President, Animal Protection Litigation

The Humane Society of the United States

2100 L Street, NW

Washington DC 20037

(202) 955-3669

(202) 778-6132 fax

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