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if you have a myspace page, then consider

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linking www.meetyourmeat.com to it.


A few people seem to have seen it on Robert's page alone or something and are now seriously thinking about going vegan.


So it seems that you can use your myspace page to get meet your meat out there to potentially compassionate people who just need a lil wake up call....


Congrats to the new forum members that watched it and made the right ethical choice thereafter of going vegan. You are saving innocent animals with no voice and no choice from unspeakable suffering.

So in short consider linking meetyourmeat to just about everything you can - my space, as a signtaure in your email you send out to people, etc etc.


Let us get these powerful images that the industry would rather suppress out there for the world to see!

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Yeah, I totally agree.


Some people don't like myspace for a variety of reasons, which is totally fine...but 20% of the members here found out about this group from my myspace page, or someone else's linked up to mine which directs them here.


My page is a little funny now because the videos start at the same time so I have my own movie trailer and meet your meat at the same time.


So someone recently wrote, "on your page I heard, 'what you are about to see is beyond your worst nightmare' and then images of me lifting weights, Brendan cycling and Tonya spinning fire"


So that is kinda funny, but the video is there, it is powerful and myspace basically connects the world, so tons of people will see it and be impacted by it.


Good idea Nat.


Here is the page everyone is seeing and then joining us:




Another one I have is



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