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Crash N Burns Big Challenge and Journal

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CrashNBurn's Big Challenge:






I have been Lacto Veg all my life (most of it in India).




I have worked out more regularly in the past with the following history.


- I think at the base line I was told, thought & hence concluded that I was a hard gainer (ecto/ endo /meso.. I dont know) when I first worked out at the age of 16/17. I'd shape up.. but could not bulk up, while others would. Then I gave up since I wasnt seeing any results in size( This is probably not my thing). Plateau (I was still a super lean young fellow). I could not do any pullups etc.


- At the age of 22/23 I started running on an average 20/30 mins on the wet firmer sands on the beach averaging 4-5 days of the week and got a pullups bar at home going from NONE to 12-10-8 (3 set) in around 4-6 months. Pullups became my favourite exercise. I think the only reason my upper body is in shape of any form is because of this.


- Then sometime at the age of 23 I started working out at the gym again and still did not see big gains.. hard gainer. paused for a while.. (All the above times, most guys would tell me stupid things like.. eat lot of potatoes, eat a lot of butter, eat some chicken for protein etc, drink beer etc. )


- Then at the age of 24 I worked out regularly 4 days a week, came back home, showered, cooked myself a lot of kidney beans, garbanzo, lentils and hogged on it. I did this for most of the summer. This is probably the time that I showed significant gains (unfortunately not measured.. but reported by family and friends). Now, I dont think I necessarily ate a lot more the 3rd time. But Im not sure.


In the middle since that summer I did not workout or do much. Ate wrong, slept wrong, etc. Spoilt my health and bloated up esp visible on my face. I still had that lean frame but had this puffy face.


- At age 26 I joined 24hr fitness but found the gym routine drudgerous after a long day of work. I had no mental focus abilities so I would go for the Group X Turbo Kickboxing and follow through with Pilates/ Yoga sessions. Within 2.5 months my passport picture showed my sharp jawline once again. Lots of cario + pilates happened.


The thing is Ive always wondered what kind of a diet would have been optimal for me at those times and would I have seen better results if I had a better diet? I'd like to know this now that I am going to start once more.


Maybe we can focus on the current ..




I've always looked younger than most people my age and still continue to do so. I was one of the last people that began shaving facial hair..after reaching my 20s. So, I am not sure if there is a certain 'puberty' / 'adolescent' cycle that hits people differently. If it does then I "might" genetically (hereditary) be on the later cycle




I wanted to do a complete self assessment before going deep into a goal oriented program. My goal might look unrealistic but I am sure you guy can give me the best guidance in that direction.


Now clothed I can pull off a very fit look and feel due to the right kind of frame / shoulder muscle memory. But, I've got FAT primarily around:


- My waist (front & back). TIRE.

- A little around my thighs

- My face / neck


Wanted to do a Body Fat Assessment to figure out where I stood. The results had me baffled:


Electronic Machine at Ballys: 15%. I showed the fitness guys my waist and he was like.. definitely more. Funny how I could pull off the lack of the same. I knew this was wrong because sometime before I had gone to 24 hr fitness to get a BF% using callipers and I had 20 or 25% something. It could not fix itself.


Now, I said what the hell and did the BOD POD Assessment: (SHOCKING STATS!!)


Ht: 5'9" / 5' 10"

Wt: 155 lbs


Fat: 31.1 % (High Risk of Cardiac)

Lean Wt: 107.1 lbs

Fat Wt: 48.3 lbs


I had to get into a pair of cycling shorts for this and the person operating the POD was shocked to see that. They usually do 2 checks and in my case she did 3 since it was inconsistent and at the sametime, did not look like that much on ME. (ALL HIDDEN IN THAT GUT)


The machine is suppossed to be within 2% of actuals / error. I am thinking of getting anothe caliper check to verify. But i think I need to fix me self.


Now, whether that is because of the GUT, because of suppossedly dense body .. I dont know. I'll post some (gross) pictures for some of the ADVISORY AUDIENCE here. [ I am going to PM links to MALE members.. / experts/ Embarassing to show the females ]


Please PM me. I''d love to have some help here.




A physique like this...


- Like Tarz, Topher

- Like Brad Pitt in Fight Club

- Like that model http://www.perfectpeople.net/picpage.php3/cpid=56711 Matt Cedeno or any other..

- i.e. The physique of a good swimmer / dancer etc.




Short Term (2 months / 8 weeks or so)


- Lose the BF around my GUT

- See the reappearance of my JAWLINE

- Gain muscle and shape up in the direction of ultimate goal


Mid Term (6 months)


- Look like the GOAL.. or almost like the goal

- Participate in this contest (modeling contest)


Long Term (...)

- Keep at it.. maybe increase fitness level, endurance, flexibility, etc (tone more, maybe some size /strength)




I've already lost a good 2 weeks of that vacation and probably havent done anything productive to that end.



I need a cardio + diet + workout plan that helps me best achieve these goals.


Diet - I am lacto-vegetarian (You could recommend vegan stuff only if u want as well) and since I am travelling in India my trying to get Chai Flavored Soy Drink is not possible. Although whats funny is since I joined VBB I've way way way decreased dairy consumption.


The reason why I cant be / choose to be vegan is if I choose it I need it to be 100%. No cheating. I cannot sustain it as of now. A vegetarian diet has been difficult to maintain as well.


Even staying lacto-ve has literally meant starving myself several times and spoiling my health. Just that my work, travel & schedules did not even encourage me hunting for vegtn food, vegan would mean even more limiting choice.


But really speaking Ive really cut down dairy products on a concious basis and end up getting them only when I do not have a choice.


ABILITIES & FACILITIES information will be made available shortly.

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