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Re-programming Your Kids

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My girls were always good about eating fruit, but now I can't keep enough oranges in the house! We have the posters on our fridge and even when I walk in I want some.


Tired of all the junk food advertisements your children are exposed to all day long? Once we see an appealing image three times it sets up a craving for that food! Now we can take matters in to our own hands and advertise to our children in their homes, schools, churches and community centers!



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I agree.

And fruit is so lovely, who wouldn't be tempted by a beautiful image of it.


I was watching a TV movie the other day, and amazed at how many commercials are for crap food or for drugs (including stuff for upset stomach, acid reflux...see any connection there? ). I think making a choice to not buy any food that's advertised on TV is a good idea. Unfortunately, those are the images that kids see three or (many) more times.

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love the posters.......will have to put those up too!


i have a very large basket on the counter full of bananas, oranges, apples, and whatever else that is in season and looking good....it is always out and they are free to grab a piece (or two, or three) ANYTIME.

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