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Happy Birthday compassionategirl!!!


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Happy Birthday Nat!


I know your birthday is sometime in June, but I don't recall which exact day. I'm competing this weekend and won't be online much over the next few days so I wanted to get the birthday wishes out before I'm away from a computer.


Have a great day, all the best, and enjoy the rest of the summer. I look forward to hanging out soon!


-Robster much love babe!

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Happy Happy birthday, it's that time of the year

Happy Happy Birthday, let's all stand up and cheer *hey!*

Happy happy Birthday, may all your dreams come trueeeeeee....

Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you! *hey!*

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Demi Moore attributes her youthful appearance to her raw / fruitarian diet.

Plastic surgery didn't hurt (at least a tummy tuck and boob job, I don't know if anything on the face).


ya, i know about the body plastic surgery but I am more impressed with her skin. She is in her 40s practically wrinkle free and it doesnt look like she has done anything to her face because she looks so natural. She lookss 30 not 45.


I could be wrong about the facial plactic surgery point though.

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Not to detract from the amount of work she has put into her body, eating and exercising she has spend over $400,000 on plastic surgery and body improvements including face lift, nose job, breast aug, etc.








But even with all the work she has had done, you can't get a body like that just with plastic surgery, without taking care of yourself.

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