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Ruptured my eardrum!

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Sorry to hear about your problems. ALWAYS Always fill the hot tub run it with the shock, empty and then refill and making sure the chemicals are correct. But why are you using chemicals anyways??? There are balls that float on top of the water and skim the bad stuff out. I have had my hot tub since 1992 and whenever it hasn't been running for awhile we fill, shock and empty and refill because you can't clean the hoses that hold the water you can't get out and that water slims up and you blow your ear drums. Before we did that I ended up in the ER my eardrum hadn't burst yet it had bubbled all the way out my ear canal and when I told the doctor to just I&D (this was not my first burst ear drum, I've had 10+) it without pre-op pain meds and no antibiotics post drainage. He stepped back and put his hands up and made me feel like an AIDS patient, and walked out of the room and left the nurse to do the rest, but still we got the bill for his (lack of ) service.

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