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35 hens liberated this part weekend from a battery farm

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Source: www.directaction.info

June 5, 2006


Anonymous communique:


"This past weekend 35 hens were liberated from a large battery cage egg facility in Delaware, USA. In the middle of the night we simply entered the unlocked facility (after scouting several locations), removed one to two hens from many different cages so as to give those who remained a tiny bit of extra space, and once all of the hens were set to go we were off into the night. As we moved across the grass outside they were eerily quiet, taking in the fresh night air for the first time in their lives. Each of these is a sentinent being who up to this point has lived a life of pain and suffering, and now each has freedom and peace for the rest of its days.


To all of the old activists whose bandanas are dusty, and to all of the young ones who don't yet know how much is possible - get off of MySpace and get out on the farms, labs, and everywhere else where beings live in constant pain. You are their only chance.


Animal Liberation: don't call it a comeback, we've been here for years"

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