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vegan cheese


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I found this recepie for vegan cheese in an easy vegan cookbook. I wanted something for my nachos. The recepie needs: Equal parts soya flour and vegan margarine. Yeast extract to taste.


1. Melt the margarine, add the flour and yeas and mix well.

2. Pour on to a greased tin and refrigerate until required. If a soft margarine is used then the resutlting cheese is easy to spread. If Tomor margarine is used then the cheese can be sliced or grated, etc.


This recepie is from "Easy Vegan Cooking" by Leah Leneman.


When I made this i just did it my own way. I took two spoonfuls of margarine and heated them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Any longer and they splatter, but after 30 secs. the margarine is really plyable, and maybe there is a little bit of melting. Then I added a spoonful and about a half of the flour and the same of the yeast extract. My mix was still gooey, and tasted good on tortilla chips. it did not yeild that much, but considering how fatty this mix is I wouldnt want to eat too much.

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There are plenty of soy margarines that are all vegan. I cook and bake with them on a regular basis (well, when I'm cooking and baking....which hasn't been to regular lately).


I don't remember the brand names but it will say Soybean Margarine on it and probably have a "VEGAN" label as well.

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Yeah I just put margarine there. Many brands are vegan as robert pointed out. Kroger (Ralph's) sells some that is called willow bend or something like that. It's 4 sticks of le beurre faux (corrections on french are welcome...I'm lookin at you canadians on the board :- ) and its all vegetable based. Costs about 3 bucks. I used spectrum spread which is good for spreading, and it is what got really hot in the microwave...maybe other margarines won't do that, but I'd use glass and something to cover for splatter while you experiment. The spectrum spread did a great job melting an old plastic container I had it in, though the plastic was not a very hard plastic which could make a difference.

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Earth Balance is 100% vegan margrerine in a tub. They even have a 100% organic version.


As for cheese, most of the vegan restaurants in LA use a cashew based vegan cheese.




Try the cheese part of that recipe.


Here are other vegan cheese links:




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