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How can you post a pic!!!!?????


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haha, good call.


Now......if you want a GOOD photo of Robert, simply make your way over to the Image Galleries on www.veganbodybuilding.com


You'll find gems such as these:




















Wow, what a great use of bandwidith...oh well, I'm paying for it, so it's cool.


You like those photos....come on, you guys set yourselves up for it.


Funny thing is.....there are hundreds more like em

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In Norway, near the North Pole. We were up in the fjords near glaciers, etc.


Good times back then.


Perhaps you should explore these links from the main site:






You'll find amazing photos such as this. It is where I used to work!



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I think it is a half tennis ball, no?

Maybe! I was thinking that Pac-man (the original smiley?!?) bit off more than he could chew...


hahah.. the 6th photo is probably the funniest photo of you I've ever seen... it's very simple, but just the attitude in it... : )


I like the 3rd photo the best : )


I agree on #6. The first is my favorite, with the dreamy eyes and all. I keep my hair short but think most folks look better with long hair...

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Hey Robert...you can't use that photo to get people to look at the link because its an awesome photo...your not even in that one

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