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You'd be surprised how many landed places are becoming more accepting of body jewelry. Don't be too quick to write them all off in one shot. You are correct in assuming that some don't like it though. Best thing is to call first. I can check into that for you if you want me to. HCN has several Hippie Hollow Fun Days per month. It's very informal but it gives you a chance to meet some of the people in the club without having to come to a house party or something that might be kind of intimidating if you don't know anyone there.


At any rate, I don't want to hijack this thread any more than I already have. if you want some info on it, e-mail me at [email protected] or add me to your Y! IM, screen name is bobcat_naturists



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Thanks Ronnie I may just pick that issue up. And Kinky is no Kucinich, he's gotten a ton of signatures to be on the ballot. The dems are not running anyone, the current Gov. is a moron, and I know the naiton sort of likes morons, but I'll hold off not believing in people until after (and if) the current governor is re-elected.

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"Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, only she did it backwards and in high heels."

-Ann Richards-


Ann Richards, ex-Democratic Governor of Texas, constant critic of the Bushes.


"Poor George, he can't help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth."


As governor, Richards appointed the first black University of Texas regent, the first crime victim on the state Criminal Justice Board, the first disabled person on the human services board and the first teacher to lead the State Board of Education. Under Richards, the fabled Texas Rangers pinned stars on their first black and female officers. She vetoed legislation that would allow people to carry concealed handguns, automatic weapons and "cop-killer bullets." She also vetoed a bill that would have allowed the destruction of the environment over the Edwards Aquifer.



The first female governor of Texas in 50 years.


"I did not want my tombstone to read, 'She kept a really clean house.' I think I'd like them to remember me by saying, 'She opened government to everyone'"



Ann Richards died Wednesday night after a battle with cancer, a family spokeswoman said. She was 73. when asked if she would have done anything different, she replied:


"Oh, I would probably have raised more hell."

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