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Has anyone ever heard of Nia, or participate in Nia?


I did back in 2001 when I was attending Utah College of Massage Therapy. I participated in Nia, Yoga, Tai Chi, and all kinds of cool stuff.


Just thought I'd ask. I don't have the definition but I'm sure a google search could sort that out. Nia is a form of artistic dance and movement. It rocks! I just haven't done it in half a decade.

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I have heard of it, and wanted to try it for a long time now..

I guess Pilates just ended up taking up a lot of my time or something...



never the less, I will definitely be trying it sometime in the near future.


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We can practice it sometime. I forget how it all works, but I'm a pretty awesome dancer! hehe.


Nia is great. I had SOOOO much stress at UCMT because I had a 4.0 and perfect attendance and was working on so many school records in random things, as well as doing lots of other stuff outside of school and Nia was a great escape from everything.

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I dun told you once girl......."don't sing it, bring it"


Yeah, I think I can keep up. Afterall, I just ran a 5k today and beat the defending champ, even though I hadn't run in years.


So my dance step is still there, for sure.


Hands like this, hands like this,

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Hey you two...


I took a Nia class ONCE. I'm still undecided on whether or not it's my bag...I have a couple of yoga instructors that take it or teach it, and the Nia instructor at the studio that I go to is just starting to dabble in yoga and pilates a bit, so it's cool to see the mixing of these things in some of the classes I go to.


Nia is like a combination of aerobic dance, martial arts, thai chi, all kinds of stuff - it's really active and freeing. I think I might just be slightly too inhibited about it - I tried it that one time and walked out of there feeling like I had 2 left feet. Usually feeling that way does one of two things - motivates me to try again, or totally discourages me. I think I got discouraged. I had no idea I was such a shitty dancer - all this time I've been tearing it up at the bars like I know a thing or two...


Who knows, though, maybe I'll be back. I do hate the idea of giving up on something without putting forth a real effort. I have unlimited classes there afterall...

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