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The many faces of Pilates..

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I am curious if anyone knows the forms of Pilates they have practiced?

I ask because there are many misconceptions about Pilates,

because there are so many different variations.


Just to name a few "brands" there is Core Pilates, Windsor Pilates,

STOTT Pilates, Physical Mind, & the list goes on and on...


All teach many different styles.

The style I am most comfortable with, that I teach myself/am

certified in, is STOTT Pilates.

It seems to be one of the only truely contemporary forms around.

Contemporary, meaning everything is balanced, equal flexion and extention in every session.


There is also a large range of intensity you can work at during

any Pilates session, you should always pace yourself and work at

the level you feel comfortable at(otherwise you can end up SORE,

and I learned that one the hard way...).

Even slow, low intensity Pilates will have a first timer(athletic or not)

feeling a bit sore the next day, because you use so many deep muscles

that are not use to being worked!



My first (& not positive) experience with Pilates was CORE pilates,

nothing but flexion flexion flexion!... Absolutely exhausting!

Pilates should not be about gripping global muscles.

Anyhow, when I found out about STOTT, I was in heaven

(& not to mention addicted), rejuvenated, alive.


So, if you have any hang ups with Pilates,

I encourage you to expand your knowledge and check out :






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I have windsor pilates. i do like it. however sometimes i find it to fast paced, esp if i have not done it in a while and my strength is gone. The pilates classes at the gym use to always kill me. When i did ballet we did alot of pilates based workouts. it's amazing how much strenght and techniques diminishes with just a year of not practising it.

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