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hi all,


my trainer recently gave me a copy of the barefoot doctor's handbook for the urban warrior. It's quite nice, an easy read with lots of different meditation techniques to choose from. The author writes that all this is basically taoism, so I tried doing some research to find some more literature about taoism & meditation. Well, let's just say i found *a lot*. Problem is, most of them are centered around self-help, which is not really what I'm looking for. So I was wondering if you could give me some advice on which book to pick? My interest in meditation is rather practical than spiritual, I want to improve my focus and concentration during work-out . I realise that without centering on the chi or the spiritual foundation I won't get very far, this is just a crass simplification to explain where I'm coming from.




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Anyone know much about meditation?


My raw food friend who visted yesterday swears by it. I have other good friends, including the friend who got me into bodybuilding, who are into meditation and find great benefits from it.


Any thoughts? I'm constantly at war with myself for a variety of reasons (expectations, regrets, work ethic, etc.), maybe meditation will bring peace between Robert Cheeke and The Vegan Bodybuilder formerly known as Robert Cheeke.


The personal war is something I seem to be winning, but just in general what are your thoughts on meditation?



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check out the Buddhism thread in the general section. Many topics are covered and there are some knowledgeable people to question.


There are many forms of meditation from seated to walking a labyrinth.


This link will give you a number of book titles.



Alternatively, most Buddhist centers have group meditations which beginners are allowed to attend.

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I recently tried a style of meditation called Tratak that I loved. It is a meditation on light. I am under the impression that there is information about it online, but I haven't looked yet. I have a great little book, but it's photocopied and stapled, so I'm not sure where to recommend you get your own! Good luck!

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