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help me out with my new routine

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i took the last month off of training and will get back into it this coming week...i'm going for a mon/wed/fri full body workout. i'd like some comments on my routine and what you'd change...



flat bench press (alt. dumbbell/barbell after a few weeks)

seated rows

dumbbell arnold press

barbell squat

standing calf raise

preacher curl

tri pull down



incline bench press

pull ups/lat pull down

dumbbell front and side raise (super set)

barbell deadlift

seated calf raise

hammer curl

skull crusher


decline bench press

bent over rows

upright rows and shrugs (super set)


hamstring curl/quad extension (super set, light)

incline curls

close grip bench press



keep in mind i will be mixing up the amount of sets/reps for each exercise and how i do them (dumbbell/barbell/machine) and abs will be done on all 3 days. i play soccer matches on tues/thurs so that is a heavy duty workout as well as super cardio




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For 3 day splits with low volume, high intensity weights I like doing a pull day (rows, deads), a push day (bench, shoulders), and a legs day, (squats, calves). Doing something three times a week, like where you'e doing benching at different angles 3 times a week, has only worked for me when I do bodyweight exercises in high volume, lower intensity. For example, doing pullups or one leg squats 7 days a week has worked for me. But doing low rep, heavy weight stuff I can probably only go about twice a week tops, and once a week is probably enough. It just depends what you're trying to do, and how fast yo ucan recover.

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