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Heather's Journal

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B: Think Organic! Bar

Snack: 1 banana

L: Med Raspberry Smoothie from smoothie king

Snack: ezekiel toast w/sundried tom-oo-garlic-green olive tapenade

d: boca gyros in ezekiel pita w/tofu-cucumber-garlic-lemon sauce, romaine, purple onion


1 hour Hot Vinyasa Yoga

.75 miles(11min mile) - new running shoes slipping on my heel BAD so i had to stop

Seated Leg Press 3x6 @ 120lbs


Steamroom: 20 mins

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Chest & Biceps

Bench Press 3x15 (30)

Incline Press 3x15 (20)

Flys 3x15 (20)

Seated Curls 3x15 (10)

Standing Curls w/rope v 3x15 (12.5)

Seated Preachers 3x15 (10)


Taught 75 min class, did abs with class


Treadmill 20 mins


my appetite has kicked into OVERDRIVE!

b: banana + bar

snack: almost an entire blender of smoothie (water, banana, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, hemp prot)

lunch: veggie burger (2) on sundried tomato wrap w/spinach

snack: toast w/raw cashew butter + 1 T agave

dinner: leftover boca gyro w/spinach + sunflower spouts, 1/2 yellow bell pepper + 1T flax oil + 1 T rice vinegar

midnite hunger hit and couldnt go to sleep so i ended up with an apple + 1T cashew butter

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lat pull downs 3x15 (30)

high rows 3x15 (40)

bent over dumbell rows 3x15 (20)

kickbacks 1x15 (20)

2x15 (12.5)

tri pulldowns 3x15 (30)

tricep press 3x15 (50) *my new favorite



treadmill (walk) 20 mins

Taught 75 min class, did abs (again) with class



B: Banana, spoon of flax oil (eewwwwwwwww)

Snack: bar

L: veggie burger (1) wrap w/ spinach

Snack: 4 bite size soy crisps, 1/3 smoothie (kid dropped it on the ground)

D: salad w/ kale, spinach, yellow pepper, kalamata olives, cucumber, flax oil, rice vinegar


late night hunger again: banana blended w/hemp prot & H20

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Hack Squats 3x15 (2-25s)

Leg Extensions 3x15 (40)

Leg Curls 3x15 (40)

Seated Shoulder Press 3x15 (20)

Dumbell Lateral Raises 1x15 (7.5)

2x15 (5)

Dumbell Front Raises 3x15 (5)



B: 1 1/3 piece toast w/raw cashew butter + agave (kids)

12pm 6 oz. smoothie w/rasp, pineapple, orange, banana, mixed fruit, hemp and soy prot, H2O

3/4 can black beans + 3/4 can tomatoes, 1/8 amy's vegan pizza (kids)

2pm 1/2 bar

5pm 1/2c mashed potato, 2c soybeans

630 1 cup soys

8pm strawberries

10pm apple w/peanut butter


whats up with my appetite? i am eating NONSTOP and still starving!!!??

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