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Running chart


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Let's start a running chart with our best times for various lengths. So for fun, we can compete against our own best times as well as our vegan friends!


I plan on doing some 5Ks and perhaps 10Ks this summer so I look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing.


Once we get enough input, we'll start a chart:


Here are some of my numbers (personal bests):


What are your best times for running events?


I have it charted on an old computer, but off the top of my head:


400 meters = 56 seconds


800 meters = 2:10


1500 meters = 4:33 (100 meters short of a mile, 4:50 mile pace)


Mile = 5:10 (never bloody got under 5 min!)


3,000 meters = 9:33


5,000 meters = 16:46


10,000 meters = 37:30 (perhaps faster, I don't recall)


Most miles run in one day = 22


Most miles run in two consecutive days = 39 (22 + 17)


Most miles run in one week = 84

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Great idea, Robert!


I have only been running for a year and a half or so (never ran in high school like some). I'm not nearly as fast... but hopefully these times of mine will be coming down soon! I'll be running some 5ks this summer, and I hope to get under 20:00... eventually, I'd like to break 40:00 for the 10k also.


All of these times were run 5 months ago or more. I keep getting faster on my training runs.


5k: 21:00

10k: 43:05

half marathon: 1:34:35



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Cool, good work!


We'll have men's and women's categories, and perhaps age categories like they have in races.


We'll see what the feedback is like, but we'll get a chart going in a few weeks.


Keep on runnin!

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my personal best times are:

*800 meters 2.12.27 (2006) track Utrecht NL

*1500 meters 4:32:90 (2005) Amsterdam NL

* 3000 meters 10:45:46 (2005) Amsterdam NL

* 5000 meters 17:50:20 (2005) Groningen NL

* 5000 meters 17.45 (2005) road Amstelveen NL

*10 k 37.10 (2005) road Amsterdam NL

*10 mile 1.03.57 (2006) road UK

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  • 4 weeks later...

An update on my quest for a sub-20 minute 5k: I entered a 5k here in Arizona a couple weeks ago and ran it in 20:00 even... so close! Mile splits were something like 6:26, 6:41, 6:10...


It was a hilly course -- out uphill, back downhill, and it was also pretty warm outside (~90F) even though it was still 6:30am.


To the more experienced runners out there (maybe runner can answer this): Are there any books that you can recommend on bringing these times down further? I have read material from Higdon, Galloway, and Glover...


Keep on running!

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Great job!


I will also update this chart soon, we'll just get more people involved first.


I don't have any suggestions for running books, but I can ask some friends. For me, one of the biggest things that helped lower times was mental toughness. I really got faster when I just learned to put up with the pain and kept pushing it.


I also ran a lot of hills, hill-repeats, lots of 1,000s, sprints, etc. Consuming Vega www.myvega.com could help, as well as yerba mate, the day of the race.


All the best!

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