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Where do you get your protein?


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I'm sure everybody here has been through this.


Only about 100 times...from 1976 to the present. Seems like omnis could come up with something new to ask'!


Love the cartoon. Rather ironic how those eating the SAD (standard American diet) are so concerned about we vegans not getting enough of some nutrients, when they obviously have been getting WAY too much of certain things (like fat, sugar, processed foods, animal products).

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That's a good answer, actually. I often say something like that. Often I'll actually ask them if they actually want to know if I sense they are going on the attack, which is more often than not, suprisingly. That usually stops the conversation, otherwise, I give them a heavy dose of facts.

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I've only had one person be very critical about my vegan diet.

Even after you tell them where you get protein, people still don't understand.

I really don't have the patience to argue with people about it.

Maybe that's a sign of me getting older.


I don't understand the obsession with protein.

6 months ago when I ate meat for every meal, I never thought like that.

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I saw a very similar cartoon about 10 years ago and used it in a presentation at my high school.


There was a mixed response, some people were offended, etc.


But, let's face it. For the most part....it is true.


I get the question more than most (as an outspoken vegan bodybuilder in the media). The day before my latest competition, I was doing my polygraph test to see if I've been using drugs. I explained to the 350 lb, very obese man, that I am vegan, so nothing to worry about. I explained what veganism is and he said, "well, you look healthy." I was temped to say, "You don't."


But I didn't say that. Then he just looked at me and shook his head and said, "God gave us dominion over animals in the first testament. I like a good New York Steak and you might like a good tofu burger, and it's great."


I didn't chat with him too much about veganism or health because I just wasn't in the mood and we were short on time.


But anyway, these things happen all the time.


davidtarrfoster just told me he was at a BBQ and turned down meat of course and someone who was eating a ball-park frank (hot-dog) asked him how he got his nourishment as a vegan.


So, even though some people are offended by cartoons like this, we've all been through it and know it to be true....especially since a coulple hundred million Americans look like the non-vegans in the cartoon.

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I could do it


I make t-shirt designs all the time.


My Available Single Vegan ones are pretty popular right now (I'll get all these new ones on the site soon...for now I just wear them and entertain folks).

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Robert, you (and others here) are a perfect example of animal protein not being necessary.


The arguement that God gave us dominion over animals is silly.

Dominion doesn't mean that we get to eat them.


Yeah, I know. Dominion should mean to care for them, to look after them, etc., not to brutally slaughter them and force them into hellish lives.

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Is there any company that would make that into a T-shirt decal?


You can make your own design, and set up a shop to sell t-shirts, etc. at www.cafepress.com . No money output on your part, and if you just want to do it do get the message out, you don't have to set any profit margin for yourself. You download your image, choose the products you want to 'sell,' and Cafe Press takes care of the rest, including printing up the items on an 'as-ordered' basis. I've gotten some things from them, and they are good quality.


If you search "vegan" at Cafe Press, they already have quite a selection of vegan T's and other items.

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