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Most of mine are unsuitable for polite company.


Well, that's not entirely true. There are these:








This one's NSFW


I have others that I could post pictures of, but don't have pics of them online.

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First I thought the tat from the original post was just posted again from a new angle....


could one of you guys tell some more about that motif? has it a special meaning to the sXe community or sth like that?


Yes. It is a vegan sxe tattoo. the artwork is on scott crouse from earth crisis' arm. As well as on the cover of their live album.



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Yay! I love ink and showing it off . Here's the one on my foot when it was new. It didn't settle in well and has faded so I have to get it re-done




Here's the one on my shoulder (no, I'm not showing off my muscles, just the ink, I swear!). This picture is a little old, but the tattoo is the same .




And you can see most of the tree on my back in this one (just showing off the tattoo, really ).



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The first one looked great when I got it because my arms were pretty huge...not the puny posts they are now(relatively)...all vegan of course






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Thanks Crystal...a friend of mine thats a painting major designed it...I told her I wanted an engineer throwing soybeans into a train and let her go off...she'll be doing my next tattoo as well(some time in October)

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Here's my newest, just finished yesterday:




This one was a (overdue) gift to myself for finishing yoga teacher training.


I have my upper arms done as well, but maybe I have posted pictures of those already. You can kind of see them here, but I have more filled in under my right arm than in that picture (my deceased dog's paw print is in that space, I know I posted a picture of that one):



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Thank you! I already know that website. Maybe if you know that your ink is vegan you could ask you tattoo artist where he/she bought it and post it here?

The only company (stables) which produces vegan ink does not seem to have a website. But I found this. I hope it helps.

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