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What's wrong with guns?

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I don't know why everyone's down on guns...there's plenty of societies where gun ownership is prevelant...Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Iraq, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Texas...oh wait, bad examples!

And if its hard to get guns, how are those poor meth heads gonna defend themselves from those people in their closets and under their beds?! You know you can't do MA when you been up for 5 days!!!


I'm not opposed to guns but I think some restrictions are only logical...I mean if the govt. can claim to limit speech for public safety, limiting guns seems even more important! And before you get huffy... the free speech case that said you "can't yell fire in a crowded theater" had NOTHING to do with a theater or false cry of fire. It was the U.S. v Schenk case and it involved a man handing out anti war flyers right before the US got into WWI...a better analogy is that you can't yell fire if the govt. says there is no fire, even if there is!!!!!!

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Guns don't kill people....dumb americans with guns kill people!!! Not all...I couldn't care less if you wanna shoot at a target thats never been a living thing.

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I'm not familiar with the gun laws or cultures of most of those places - can you share some details about them? I'm willing to bet that most have gun laws that are highly restrictive and/or that in practice, only the rich & powerful and other criminals have easy access to guns. Interestingly Texass has worse (stricter) gun laws than such liberal places as Oregon or Vermont.


I'm not down for governmental restrictions on speech either.


Of curiousity, what "restrictions" on guns/people do you consider to be



Was it as ridiculous?


What about the discussion do you find to be "ridiculous"?

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I prefer spitballs...they don't hurt anyone(unless you have stupendous aim and go for the eyes) yet people are affraid of getting hit with them...bugars would be another but I would not use that for self defense against anyone outside of siblings.

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Hehehe! If that works for ya - great!


I prefer talking to violent thugs about their childhood abuse, socio-economic background and any of their other reasons for feeling entitled to attack me - *while* they are trying to kill or rape me or those that I care about...

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