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Hello From Alaska.


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Hello to everyone out there. I'm not a vegan yet, but I am making little changes daily to my diet to become more vegan. Welp now I will give a little history and my motivations for becomming a vegan.

Welp I have been a bodybuilder for about five years. Hold on there ladies, don't be hoping for a ripped picture yet. You would not know if you looked at me that I was a bodybuilder. I have a lot of knowlege about bodybuilding, but so far, I havn't been able to put it into use. I am loosing bodyfat right now, and in a few months I will be trying to build up. During all my years as a...Ahem... Bodybuilder, I have done a very high protein diet. Chicken, Steak... almost any kind of animal product.

This leads me to my motivation. I am becoming a vegan for the health prospects of the diet. I am not doing it from a religious stand point. Any why that is about it for now. Until next time. Train hard and get big.

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Great to see another bodybuilder here, and someone from Alaska. I know I've shipped a movie or two out that way.


You came to the right place for motivation, inspiration, and information about bodybuilding on a vegan diet.


We're happy to have you here, and start exploring, you'll have fun!


Welcome aboard!!!

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