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Since there is a general thread regarding nutrition, I wanted to make one more specific to cycling. What do you eat on a typical training day? What do you consider a typical training day (i.e. 40 miles)? I would like to start training but I just can't seem to get enough calories in a day.

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This might depends what you are training for or if you are just a "weekend warrior". I eat pretty much the same as the average person would but the evening before and in the morning of a longer ride I generally eat more complex carbohydrates such as pasta or energy bars.


I also think investing in a good electrolyte replacement drink is of value, and I usually consume it before, during and after the ride. Clif makes a vegan electrolyte drink, and there are many others out there. Beware the recovery drinks with protein; many of them have whey in them or other animal-derived protein.


Here's clif's link: http://www.clifbar.com/eat/shot_drink.cfm?location=shotdrink

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