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Alright well im 15 my birthday is July 2 , my name is Chris Winfield and im not sure of my height either 5'9-5'10" I presume , I weigh 140.


Im rising junior in highschool , and live in the US in North Carolina , and was born in New York. I love sports my favorite sports are UFC , Boxing , Football , Basketball , and Wrestling. I plan on either training for boxing or the UFC once I get out of highschool if I dont get a scholarship for college.


For now until my 12th grade year in highschool im going to start a powerlifting routine that I have been looking at for a while. That I could not start because I had Strength and Conditioning for my 2nd semester when the school year was still going. At the end of my 10th grade year my maxout on bench was 225 , my squat max was 200 , and my hangclean max was 170. I started off with a max of 160 on bench and I dont know what my other maxes were I missed the maxout days for those exercises. But I have not worked out since that last day of school strength and conditioning which was like june 5th or something like that. I also weighed 140 at the beginning of Strength and Conditioning and am bigger now and a little less physique , But I still weigh the exact same weight.


Im not a Vegan but I see alot of benefits from the nutrition of being a vegan. So I thought that I would just stop by and become a member to the forum and learn more about the vegan nutrition because all of the benefits I see from it.

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Welcome Chris.


You will find lots of info and lots of powerlifters here. Off the top of my head for powerlifting comes Jonathan and Ryan (veganessentials).


Totally vegan, and strong as hell.


I noticed your question about soy protein isolate on another thread. Note that any isolate protein (so that includes whey protein isolate) is not the best in terms of healthfulness because the isolation process is of questionable merit, as Michael once described in an earlier thread (I think it was an older thread under supplements). But of the two, hands down soy is better for you imo.


You can use the search function somewhere on the screen to search for key words and topics.


Have fun at this site!

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Welcome Chris!


Thanks for joining our group! You'll meet a lot of cool people here and find tons of information that will help you be perhaps the healthiest person in your school!


I think back to when I was in high school and wonder how I would have performed in sports on a healthier diet. I was a 5-sport athlete and became vegetarian at age 15 and vegan at age 16, but I wasn't eating the healthiest diet. I was eating chips and salsa, noodles, bagels, and fruits.


You will be far ahead of your class-mates and fellow athletes if you follow a sound nutrition program, and you'll learn about it here!


All the best and welcome aboard!

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Welcome to the forum Chris...I wish I made the choice you did when I was in HS to atleast see what veganism was about in any aspect of it. I had not idea what a vegan was and didn't know any vegetarians. If I had I feel I would have been a much better athlete for it. If you give it an honest test run for two weeks you'll feel incredible...it only took 2 or three days before I felt like a completely different person

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