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Tomato, basil and cheese salad


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If were a former cheese addict like me, you will LOVE this recipe:




6 campari tomatoes (choose compari - they are the best for this recipe!)


Three leaves of basil (or more if you love basil)


Half a block of Earth Island monteray jack vegan "cheese"


Half a small onion (the sweet kind, good for salads)


1/4 cup of olive oil or a little less if you want to keep the amount of olive oil to a minimum




Cut each campari tomato into four slices. Chop the basil, and the onions. Cut the cheese into cubes. Throw all of the above into a bowl, throw in the olive oil and toss. Add some salt to taste, and enjoy!


The combination of campari tomatoes, the monteray jack cheese, basil, olive oil and sweet onions is orgasmic!

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