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Vegan Potluck for Pride FC at my house SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!

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ets do this.....

Pride FC round 2 starts at 7 o clock on sunday night. Lets make it a party for sure. I can make vegan chicken or beef fajotas with gauc, sour cream and salsa and stuff. Or something else if you guys would prefer. But for sure lets get together and DO THIS! Let me know ASAP who can come so I can plan this out.

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Okay what would you guys prefer........


Flame Grilled Garden Burgers?

Tofu Dogs/ italian sausage tofurkey dogs?


Or I can go mexican with fajitas or vegan Quesedillas


What to bring.......

Soda if anyone wants it like blue sky etc.

Desert cupcakes, cake, cookies etc etc

Any other food people want to make and bring is fine by me

as long as its vegan.


What not to bring:



No exceptions.


**not trying to be a dick about this, but I just dont play that way**

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You ALL need to move to Portland


Portland rocks. I'll be there for this party. I see we have two threads about it, but no worries, I won't worry about combining them.


I'm still moving today and have to be out by tonight....but then I'm in P-Town to kick it with you guys.


See ya'll soon!

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Ok, I'm definitely in now. Thanks for hosting this Randall! My family will definitely be with me + maybe a couple of friends. Our vote is for the Mex-style stuff but we're open to whatever. We'll bring fresh homemade salsa, corn chips & something else.


Portland is definitely awesome! Even more so with Robert & Randall having moved here!

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sounds like an awesome time. i can catch the UFC ppv at the local sports bars, but i don't think they have any Pride ppv showing. i usually go to the local buffalo wild wings, to check out the UFC ppv, but my friends are all heavy drinkers and meat eaters. and they usually order a lot of beer and chicken wings. it would be great to see this with a bunch of vegans for a change. i would so be in on this if i lived in portland.


but i don't. bah!

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KAY! Directions for everyone coming


Coming from portland......

Take HWY 26 West

Take Hwy 217 south exit towards beaverton

Exit: Beaverton/Hillsdale Hwy 10 turns into farmington RD

Follow farmington RD

Turn right on SW 156th

Turn Left onto SW Greensboro Way into

San Remo Apts. I am in building 4843 #31

Its to the left 3 or 4 buildings down.



I work 9-6 on sunday

The fights start @ 7 o clock

I should be home by 630

So I suggest everyone start arriving around 630

I will start cooking when I get home. I can cook the fajitas fast

Any other food you want to bring is fine by me


this is gonna be fun!


If anyone gets lost or needs to get ahold of me

my cell # is (714) 277-2441

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We'll miss you Aaron!


I just talked with loveliberate, he'll be there with his whole family, I'll be there, davidtarrfoster and adesuma might come and I'm trying to get ahold of C.O. too.


See you guys there!

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his is the summary of the fights:



PAWEL NASTULA won by armbar YEAH!!!!!!!!

VITOR won by KO ( now the VOVCHANCHYN's KOis not so impresive)

THE GAY won by KO

ALISTAR lost but in my opinion was robbed by his own corner ( premature stoppage)

NAKAMURA won by submission ( I think was kimura)

WERDUM could win but in the first round he had been boxing with NOGUEIRA and was dropped three times, in the second and third round WERDUM shows that he can be win the fight if since the begining had been in the ground; NOGUEIRA won by unanimous decision but with his face really spolied

WANDERLEI won by TKO ( really impresive, now WANDERLEI have more power in his strikes that in example JOSH THOMPSON) Cool Cool Cool Laughing

BARNNET was too much in the ground to HUNT, submision in the first round


yes MIRKO destroyed to YOSHIDA in the first round, YOSHIDA began well but

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There were some awesome fights! I was mostly wrestling with the kids, but I watched some of the fights....in between plates of food!


It was awesome meeting you guys and hanging out. I know a bunch of other Portlanders from the forum wanted to make it but were working or out of town.


We'll do more of these types of events!

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