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Caught on tape circus abuse

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hey all,


Somebody had contacted me a while ago asking me for proof in the form of videos that circuses treated animals badly. Well, if you visit the following link, you will have the option thereafter of clicking on "wtach this" or something like that that shows screaming elephants being beatne by bullhocks and steel pipes. So if any of you out there need to convince a skeptical but otherwise decent person that circuses are NOT cool, please show them the video. The link is:




And just to clear up some common misconceptions, I was talking to a group of people yesterday at school, and they actually said to me that animals in circuses perform because they WANT to and because thet are HAPPY to and because they get rewarded for doing so with lots of treats and praise. It is hard and scary to think that this group was highly educated and otherwise quite intelligent. Obviously, though, they haven't a clue about circus reality. So it is time to once anfd for all end the common misconceptions about why animals perform in circuses.


COMMON SENSE dictates that these wild animals would rather be runnng freely in the wild instead of traveling city to city in box cars in all weather extremes and performing tricks that are unnatural and terrifying to them. No wild animal WANTS to perform in a circus. ALL animals are terrified of fire, for one thing, and thus the only way to get tigers or other animal to jump through flaming hoops is to teach them that if they DON'T do the scary trick, they will be beaten and tortured. I was amazed to hear that there are people out there that think that you can get an elephant to ride a bike or a tiger to jump rthough fire with "praise and treats." Are you F$%^ing kidding me"? It takes a lot more than treats to get an animal to run TOWARDS and THROUGH a fire. Every instinct tells all animals to run AWAY from the fire, unless they know that they will have the crap beaten out of them if they do not do what their trainers have beaten them into performing. Treats - give me a break!!!!!!!!


Furthermore, it also is not rocket science that these animals would rather be free with their families and among their own kind than perform in circuses for the idiots that patronize circuses. Animals in circuses are bored, lonely and sad - they often go stir crazy, rocking back and forth - it is truly a heart breaking site that these majestic wildlife have been reduced to what they are. IT is time to give them back their dignity don't you think? It is so barbaric and uncivilized. In the words of one really smart man, "But for the threat and fear of extreme physical punishment by their oppressors, animals would NEVER be part of a circus." So get real people and take off the rose coloured glasses. The animals are the ones that will pay the price for your continued ignorance of the true nature of circuses. if you love animals and want to see them and be close to the, visit an animal sanctuary or your local animal shelter and walk a lonely and bored dog on death row. You will make his day and get some exercise in the process. Although zoos are also far from benign, they are better than circuses, so if you INSIST and supporting animal exploitation, choose the lesser of two evils and skip the circus for the zoo.


If anybody needs more convicning when it comes to circuses, contact me at: 416-822-0060 or at [email protected] or [email protected] but be warned I don't check my email frequently at all. Feel free to direct anybody else that remains skeptical to me and I will gladly provide them with info and personal experience along with eye-witness testimony. But really, like I said, none of that should be necessary - the answer is all in common sense people. Just think about it honestly and candidly, putting yourself in the wild animal's shoes. Let common sense be your guide.


And in the time it took to write this, more animals in the "care" of Ringling Brothers or other circus and animal acts have been beaten and electrocuted to entertain us and bring in the $$$.



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Hey there!

yes of course any one of you may copy my posts anywhere, anytime, on any site with the intention of helping animals' get their voices heard, or informing other people about their plight. YOu can take the credit if you want and claim the article or words as being your own. I really do not care about that- all I care about is that we reach as many people as possible with the animals' side of the story, which is the TRUTH.


And to answer your other question posted elsewhere, I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and can be reached at 416-822-0060 or [email protected] or [email protected]l.com (although I check email infrequently so if it is urgent it is best to call me).


Take care everybody!!

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