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Vegetable Fried Rice


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This is why whenever I can't be 100% I just get lousy salad...that normally just has crappy iceburg lettuce, vinegar and the cheapest olive oil money can buy

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I don't pay complete strangers to make food and do my washing up for me, and don't enjoy sitting in rooms full of people stuffing themselves with exploitatively produced pseudo-food items..... so i make my own food, or my lovely boyfriend makes me some, and we never have these kinds of problems (he has the same approach as i do, with regards to going into strange places and asking strange and potentially sociopathic-behaving people who aren't even vegetarian/vegan or anything, to make food for him)


I'm sure that our food is lots nicer than the overcooked / bland / predictably bare sort of food which restautants commonly try to pass off as food, anyway, and it involved less farting about to throw together something to eat for a meal, than to fart about going out to somewhere, having to explain before and during the visit about how we're vegan and what vegans do or don't eat, and probably end up being served a skinned alligator in aardvark sauce (since those aren;t really animals, or whatever people reckon).


Huzzah !

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As a vegan you've gotta assume alot of people are gonna be lying to you because most of the time they are(or they lie and never ask).

If it was a rare instance that may be different but its not so it is their responsability. Its pretty crazy to think otherwise when people can die from the waitstaff being lazy and stupid.


Hey, they might not only be lying because they are lazy or stupid - they might be being threatened by their callosu boss unless they lie to customers.


I worked at a 'quaint little restaurant place' numerous years ago, when i was a teenager, and it was atrocious.... I was forced into it to begin with by my mum, was continually deluged in verbal abuse by the boss, and she was a lazy stupid ignoramus who thought it was amusing to harass me for kicks. A few times she even got in her mum to pester me, too. I think people like her mum should be legally obligated not to ever breed, or something.


Anyway, so she was always harassing me and saying i should lie to the customers about all sorts of junk..... I didn;t, but by hell she did not like it.


I would have been fired rapidly, but (un)fortunately, I was the only person remotely eligible for the job until the school holidays came around so she had nobody at all to replace me with, and nobody was biting her bait in the local paper.... I would have been thrilled to be fired since likesay i didnt want her poxy below minimum-wage crappy job anyway, but i dersay some folk who worked there might have been less carefree about the prospect of losing their job.


Seriously, the old bag would get nasty cheap stodgy savers-brand scones with that nasty lurid red 'strawberry flavour' jam (also from the super savers range of the local supermarket) and some of thast lousy 'squirty cream' that has no substance and has the texture and flavour of shaving foam..... and she seriously expected me to go about telling people it was a fresh homemade scone with homemade jam and fresh cream ("if they ask why it's frothy like that just tell them we whip it up like that ourselves" (incredulous look) "oh come on, I'm not doing that - if you want to lie to them do it yourself. They'd never believe it anyway, if you try" , and she would froth and hiss a bit and make me take it to them, and i would not lie.


She also had some bullshit about how she sells "Coca Cola" (aka. nasty sort of flat 8p - for - 2 - litres super savers brand cola) - she would bitch if i threw out sort-of flat or flat cola, because 'it was a waste and just use it if there's some left' , and was flogging really shitty cheap fizzy apple-flavoured carbonated water crap as "Appletise" ..... which fooled nobody, not even little kids.....


So uh yeah, to cut a logn story short my point was just that some employees are really maltreated by employers, and might be desperate to keep their job, and will be specifically told to lie to customers.


I know for sure that if there had been vegan people in her lousy restaurant she would have been feeding them those crappy skank-buns full of bovine mammary squeezings and trying to cajole me into telling the people that "it's ok, it's vegan as it's made to a special homemade recipe which we cook up in out lovely rustic country overns with our tender fingers" or somesuch similar drivel.


Which of course, i similarly would not have said.... but my point is, some people would have no scruples about shamelessly lying to people, others would have scruples but would value their job more than they value honesty, and of course my boss clearly was a lie-master supreme.... although it seemed to me that she was more keen to get others to lie for her, than to do it herself.


Anyway, yes - strangers making strange food in strange places when they aren;t vegan, and i don;t even know what sort of people they are - not really my thing, that.

: P

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