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guess I'll introduce myself


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I've been reading the veganfitness.net board for a while now and keeping a regular training log there, but I just noticed this board and started reading it recently.. and I see a lot of familiar screen names so I guess some of you might recognize me too, even though I don't post very much other than in my own training log.. so here's me, mostly copied from my introduction post on that board several months ago:


I've been vegan for about 5 and a half years. I started working out somewhat seriously a couple years ago when I got fed up with being overweight.. which, thanks to genetics and upbringing, I've been my whole life. at first that just meant a commitment to swimming a couple times a week, but then I eventually got the courage to venture into the "weight room" at my school's gym.. and I spent a year or so looking fondly at the freeweights from afar..


eventually I braved the dumbbell rack and it's been downhill ever since. I got into powerlifting last fall and really enjoy it.. I've tried a few different routines and made some nice progress and I'm thinking about taking it a little more seriously.. a friend of mine is working hard to get me to buy a squat suit.. since I work out in the fitness room of the school where I teach, I'm the only one there using the racks and for the most part I am alone in my training, so I don't have a lot of support from which to get feedback.. but I do my best.. I've been happy with a 3-day split routine with legs, push, and pull days and I'm sticking with that for now.. I haven't tried for one rep maxes in a while because I was away from the gym for 3 weeks and really busy before that, so I want to buckle down and get back to business now. I guess for long term goals, I like to see a 250 lb squat and a 300 lb deadlift (each of which would be 50 lb increases over my current max.. !!!) someday.. and my bench kind of sucks so I just want to get that to be a solid 120 before I aim any higher.


other than that I live in Pittsburgh and just got married last month, I listen to a lot of metal and have two guinea pigs named King Diamond and Abigail. and I teach high school physics. that's all. oh and my name's Jen. maybe I'll start a training log on this site.

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Great to have you here. Yeah, we have a lot of members from both main vegan athlete forums. We always like to see new faces here so it is awesome that you joined us.


I'm keeping a fairly updated training log too these days. I'm not the best at keeping up with it but I'm trying. So if you get one going, I'll keep my training log updated too. Deal?


Have fun and welcome aboard!

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jen had the best wedding ever and here's why:


1. location was overlooking the great city of pittsburgh

2. all vegan

3. "Raining Blood" was the first dance.


and yes its me trying to get her into a suit. i just see so much potential and i'd hate for it to be wasted on RAW lifting

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