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BJJ, MMA and being vegan...............

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Do any of you guys find that being vegan and into BJJ or MMA tends to be a bit frustrating to say the least. When I go to my BJJ class I try to avoid any discussions pertaining to anything other than BJJ. i.e. politics, veganism etc etc. Unfortunately there are waaay to many meat head types involved in these sports so you have to deal with hearing the redicolous stuff they say on a daily basis.

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I hear you man it can be frustrating but I think I am pretty fortunate my instructor Ryan Kelly at nwma is also a vegan. I also train here in Roseburg with some other vegans and vegetarians they are a pretty rocking bunch. Some poeple just try to find fault with our healthy diet to somehow justify their own food choices. I like to think that part of them is touched by the simplicity, and the fact that it just makes sense whether they admit it or not.

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In the defensive firearms training scene a lot of the same types of attitudes are common. "Grasseater" and similar slams on Veg. folks are sometimes used as insults but this is meant more as a negative comment about pacificts and others who are not willing to defend themselves. Many folks are also very macho/aggressive & more than a few are very "right-wing" politically. Racist, sexist, homophobic and other attitudes are common and fairly open sometimes. Interestingly, a huge portion of these folks are police or military...


It's even worse in the general firearms scene where many/most of the folks are hunters.


I almost always avoid discussions on diet, lifestyle & politics and I believe that there a more than a few others in the scene do the same. It would be good to challenge these folks & their attitudes but unless I get to know them better on a personal level, I'm usually not comfortable doing so very often...


The good news is that things are changing as more and more women, people of color and other folks not traditionally "into guns" get into using firearms for self-defense.

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