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being made fun of :(


Have you ever been made fun of, or made to feel condescended / degraded because you are vegan?  

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2. People generally denegrate others because of insecurities they have with themselves. Criticizing vegans is easy likely because many people view it as "one of them". I usually laugh at these people because they are really showing how insecure they are, especially how steadfastly they defend eating meat.

i second (or i guess third, after finbarrio) this. when people harass you they are exposing their own insecurities.


look at the people who make fun of you. the majority of the time they are ridicuously out of shape, overweight, and or have some other sort of health problems. they are in no position to criticize your diet. they tease because they know you are right but they don't have the will power to do what you do. or they just don't understand anything about veganism. they honestly think we eat lettuce all day. they have no idea what goes on in factory farms. they never think about what they put into their bodies. they have no clue. that's why when people do criticize, it rolls off my back.

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I don't care about anyone elses opinion. I used to go about finding ways to get a reaction from people, (now I've mellowed with age). I find it exceptionally funny when people I speak to have been bagging tree huggers/whale riders etc and then I tell them I'm a vegan/evironmentalist (you can hear a pin drop and they literally have to wedge their foot from their mouths!). Funnily enough, if they are trying to impress me, they do a massive back peddel.(give someone enough rope as they say!).


People "own" their opinions of others we are not responsible for that. I find that people generally have more of a problem with my choice of spiritual beliefs. I can honestly say, (apart from a lack of knowledge re: protein sources) that everyone whom I tell are really cool about it (to my face anyway)

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