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Greetings everyone!


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Online, I go by the name Ophideus. I reside in the great Garden State, near the state capitol. Robert invited me here, and I also know a few of you from MySpace. I have been Vegan for 3 years now, and 6 months ago I got back into weightlifting (for the umpteenth time). Additional details about me can be found on my profile.


Honestly, I have never been a fan of message boards/forums, but I must admit that the quality of posts and the level of activity here pleasantly surprised me. It is my honor to be given an opportunity to participate in a community populated by so many like-minded individuals.


I look forward to chatting with you guys and gals.

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Thanks for joining us, great to see you here!


To be honest, I was never a huge fan of forums or message boards either. I was part of a few, and we've actually had them here for years, just not a high quality one. We started this new one a year and a half ago and I've actually really enjoyed the forum! I've met a ton of people in person, have made some great friends, and learned a heck of a lot.


Enjoy your time here! Welcome aboard!

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Thanks MontanaVegan


I am also 42. Perhaps we can start our own geriatric weightlifting community - lol

I like to see other old timers on this board.

Maybe Robert could set up a subdomain like http://geriatric.veganbodybuilding.com

But since I've become vegan and exercise I don't feel geriatric anymore.

Most of my aches and pains have gone away.

I still get sore muscles from lifting (too much maybe) but that's a good thing.

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