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Yo! New and from Seattle!


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Hello All!!


I am truly inspired by this forum! I was vegan for four years. When I got into bodybuilding and fitness, I stopped being vegan. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to gain muscle and lose bodyfat. BUT recently, I have become vegan again and am ready for the challenge and inspiration of eating HEALTHY and VEGAN. When I was vegan in the past, I lived off junk food: tofutti cuties, toast, cookies etc...


I am into long distance running, and try to run 7 miles, 6 days a week. I also do weight training. I do a three day split. Though I enjoy weight training and would like to gain more muscle, my heart is in running. I am starting to do races (5K..) and want to start training for a half marathon.


I am interested in connecting with other vegan athletes, especially runners and those who live in the Pacific Northwest. I am also interested in lowering my bodyfat and dropping 5 more pounds.


Shout Out to Y'all




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What up Andre?!


Thanks for joining our group! You found the right place for vegan muscle! And you're in the right area. There are a ton of us in the Northwest!


Did you check out the Vegan Vacation site? www.veganvacations.net A bunch of us from this forum will be gathering in Portland for a week of awesomeness. Folks from this forum are coming from as far as Germany and the East Coast of the US.


Welcome to the group, you'll have a lot of fun here!

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Hey, HI back to you all.


I would love to go to the Vegan Vacation in Portland but I have prior commitments that week.


I was just down in Portland and had a blast though. I went to Cafe Vita at the end of Alberta Street. They had amazing vegan fare, plus I could order brown rice and veggies for breakfeast. The Alberta Street Co-op was great too.


Maybe there could be a Mini Vegan Vacation in Seattle since Seattle is a Vegan Mecca as well.



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