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Rain Forest Destruction - Are we contributing?


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My mother in law was watching 60 minutes or something like that the other week and they did a big special on Soy Farmers clearing out the rain forest. I knew the fast food industry has been doing that for years to raise cheap meat but soy now too?


I did a bit of reading online about it (it's a few years old I guess now) and it seems that they are growing soy to feed to the animals to fatten them up for the fast food industry. McDonald's is under investigation I think.


My question is this though. Is that all the soy is being used for (not to downplay the importance of that issue) or is this also the soy that is being used in soy milk, tofu and all of the other staples I've been putting in my diet? It feels a little frustrating, like a lose lose situation.


Any thoughts?

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I would bet that all the soy grown in the cleared out rain forest is going to feed cattle.

Something like 80-90% of all soy goes to feed cattle. I don't remember the exact number.


That soy is probably genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides and what-ever-other-cides.

Everything to make that cow as fat as possible for the lowest price.


All the soymilk and tofu I get is organic. I don't always check the few other soy products that I buy.

Those soy farmers clearing out the rain forest aren't growing organic.

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montana is right, and its sad that for ONCE the media doesn't step out and blame the meat industry for environmental damage. Habitat destruction and greenhouse effects are serious problems, and rasing livestock for meat is a major contributor.


and i wouldn't worry about the soy products that you eat; like montana said, almost all of these are grown organically (sustainably). it is the soy that is fed to cattle which is not, and there's a simple reason for that: meat eaters are either ignorant or apathetic, and we are not.

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