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Newbie from Texas


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Hi everyone!


My name is Gymmie and I'm from Texas !


About 6 years ago, I lost 75 pounds and kept it off for a good while. But unfortunately it came back. So I'm working on losing it again and keeping it off this time.


At that time, all I did was cardio but it really reshaped my body. I ended up being the smallest size I ever was while weighing 40 pounds MORE than my previous smallest size.


I'm new to Veganism....I was a Vegetarian for several years, but in moving I went back to meat, but I'm back for good now !


I was happy to learn of this site and see that you can be Vegan and buff !


I look forward to meeting everyone and learning more!

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Hey Gymmie,


Welcome aboard! Thanks for joining our group. You will have a lot of fun and meet a lot of cool people as well.


There is tons of info and a lot of fun stuff going on. We're happy to have you here!


All the best,

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Hey man welcome to the site. Is your name really Gymmie? That would be awesome


LOL! No, it's Sandie but I sign off as Gymmie that way folks know it's me


We need more of these compliments! Welcome aboard!


And I hope to be a walking billboard!


Thanks for the welcome everyone !

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