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Bigbwii Updates..

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Well guys...here's an update on my progress....


I'm doing great and really am amazed at being able to maintain my wieght so well.


Anyway I always said it could be done...










This one is for Rob & Daywalker!



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Thanks buddy.....


How's things with you?....


good...still keeping it 50% raw. I've noticed that I feel better when I eat more fruit so I've really increased that and decreased the nuts/seeds a bit.


Training wise, I've backed off the static contraction/isometric stuff I was doin. My training partner has been MIA (u need a spotter for that stuff) so I've gone back to higher volume stuff (3 sets x 8-12 reps for each exercise) and my body is responding well.

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Nice abs, Bigbwii!!! I guess a girl can dream. . .


I need to post some pics and journaling. 2 more shows to go. Won't have a 6-pack by then, but I'll look better than the July shows. That's what it's all about: progress! Thanks for being an inspiration, and a great co-competitor in the Spring shape up contest!


Anyhow, wish me luck. 3-1/2 more weeks of dieting, tanning, horrid 6 inch heel wearing, and shaving things I wouldn't normally.



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Hey CONGRATS on winning it!!!!


Yeah it's great to be your natural weight and size all year round....and to actually have abs!


You've put in a lot of hard work and it shows well!!!


I've got a feeling your gonna do good in the shows!!!!...keep us posted!



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I don't understand. I don't see any "rings," just "ropes." Am I missing something?


The Iron Cross is supposed to be the ultimate test of upper-body strength. Way to go! (Not that I've even attempted it myself, LOL!)


That's why they are called Ghetto rings....there home made....the towels you see are the cushions for my hands.....

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That's awesome!!

I can relate...we have a cat from the humane society who is ..... how can I say it......

Oh well, she IS getting better over time


Hey, who holds the VBF title now? Tell me it's not Rob!!!!!!!!



Yeah we have two of them ....they have grown a bit and are full of trouble....
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