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Predictions for tonight? Diego Sanchez vs. Karo Parisyan

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I'm going with Karo over Sanchez (just because I just want cocky boy to lose).


Undercard has Koschek vs. Goulet, which should be entertaining. I think Goulet will win fairly handily.


Leben vs Santiago - I'll go Santiago


There are other undercard fights, but I didn't feel like listing them, so if anyone else wants to, be my guest.

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Well, I was 0-3. Hoping that my poor predictions last throughout the weekend, I think the Yanks will sweep the Sox.


I gotta hand it to Diego. I think he lost the 1st round and that he was finding Karo increasingly difficult. Karo's judo throws were pretty awesome. But Diego's superior conditioning allowed him to stay fresher and really bring it in round 3. I scored it 29-28, Diego.


Diego wasn't as cocky as usual - I mean, besides the "I'm the greatest fighter in the world" comment.

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now that was an awesome fight. non stop action from both of them. nobody trying to coast to a decision. always pressing action. karo's judo throws were amazing! and he put diego in trouble several times. it was very close fight, even too close for me to say one fighter was dominating the fight... i would say right up to the last 2 1/2 minutes. then diego really dug deep and finished very strong. and that knee that knocked karo's tooth out? that sealed the deal i think. the last 2 - 3 minutes of the last round is what gave diego that win.


even though he lost, i still believe karo has a great future in the octagon. his performance was world class and is still tougher than most of his competition. he just ran out of gas at the end. and probably nobody, especially the fighters, thought it would go 3 rounds.


and it's funny, i have never seen diego as overly cocky. i hear it from a lot of people. he is very confident, but not cocky to the point of being annoying, not to me at least. now nick diaz, there is a cocky fighter. and the thing is, diego is winning his fights. being cocky and losing your fights or coasting to a decision victory, that is what annoys me more.

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