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tracking calories to lose weight and protein to gain muscle


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I just started tracking my calories and protein on a program called Diet Power. My goals are to lose about 20 pds of fat and put on muscle.




2600 calories

400 carbs

110 protein



2500 calories

233 carbs

110 protein



2800 calories

300 carbs

100 protein



1700 calories

250 carbs

65 protein



1700 calories

190 carbs

65 protein


Friday 2900

calories 370 carbs

155 protein




197 pds


So far, I learned I have to maintain about 2000 calories for BMR and then about 3000 calories total for exercise expenditure. I gained 1 pound last thursday for expending about 2000-2500 calories being active for 7 hours and my system stored some fat from the 1700 calories I ate.

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Its really hard to tell and you need to do this for months for it to be accurate...I eat about the same amount of calories every day but where I get it from really changes my digestion so my body flutters 8lbs regularly with the same amount of excersize too...water has alot to do with this too

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I am just learning this. I wanted to track my calories years ago and didnt have a program on PC for it. Now I have Diet Power. I checked out another program called FitDay. I wonder, if on some days, if i really ate a lot I could go over 3000 calories. Other days I am not hungry and around 9pm am still at 1500 and decide to eat around midnight.



2000 calories

290 carbs

106 protein



1700 calories

210 carbs

70 protein



2200 calories

240 carbs

125 protein



2100 calories

220 carbs

80 protein



2100 calories

290 carbs

80 protein



1800 calories

260 carbs

80 protein



196 pds

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Sometimes its good to eat a little if your not hungy anyway...maybe not a meal but a snack a few hours before bed may keep you from eating before bed

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Sometimes, I eat a lot before going to sleep, so i dont wake up at 3am feeling hungry.


Sun 10-1

protein 165

calories 3197

carbs 388


Mon 10-2

protein 122

calories 2240

carbs 278


Tues 10-3

protein 111

calories 2166

carbs 284


Wed 10-4

protein 124

calories 2595

carbs 321


Thu 10-5

protein 135

calories 2770

carbs 318


Fri 10-6

protein 171

calories 3440

carbs 435


Sat 10-7

protein 164

calories 2580

carbs 329


Sun 10-8

protein 144

calories 3109

carbs 373


Mon 10-9

protein 161

calories 3117

carbs 369


Tues 10-10

protein 140

calories 2700

carbs 289


Wed 10-11

protein 118

calories 1974

carbs 195


Thu 10-12

protein 125

calories 2368

carbs 193


Fri 10-13

protein 119

calories 2007

carbs 320


Sat 10-14

protein 179

calories 3951

carbs 435


Sun 10-15

protein 110

calories 2035

carbs 229


Sun 10-16

protein 220

calories 4026

carbs 463

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